Jochem Vogel

The toolkit for IT research methods


As an ICT student or professional, you need to solve all kind of ICT challenges. Answering the questions and tackling the problems or opportunities of your ICT project requires research and often a combination of various ICT research methods. The toolkit on the website offers students a set of possible research methods and a framework to select the appropriate (combination of) ICT methods.

Project Details

While the ICT Research Pack had been in existence for years, its accessibility was limited to a Wiki, lacking visual appeal and suffering from poor mobile user experience. Recognizing the need for improvement, I took the initiative to create a new application. After sharing it with students, the HBO-I foundation recognized its potential and asked me to develop the official resource. Leveraging SvelteKit and TypeScript, I crafted a Progressive Web App (PWA) that offers offline accessibility.

My Role

I came up with the idea, designed the concept, developed the app, and open-sourced the project. Currently most ideas/improvements are generated by the HBO-I foundation. Iโ€™m still in charge of the design choices and mostly of the development.


Need help? Let's talk!

If you've got a project in the works and could use a hand with the front-end stuff โ€“ think sleek designs, smooth interactions โ€“ I'm your guy. No biggie, just making cool things even cooler. Let me know!

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