Jochem Vogel

Spotify Clone


In 2021, while studying software engineering and being obsessed with learning new things, I came up with the idea of creating a Spotify Web Player clone. The original Spotify Web Player's isn't really accessible and there is a lot of div nesting. The SvelteKit beta was just released back then, so I decided to use it to recreate the clone. Fun fact: this was the moment I felt in love with SvelteKit.

Project Details

My version of the Spotify Web Player features all the basic functionalities, including playability with a progress bar, volume adjustment, and queue management. It also displays my favorite playlists fetched from Spotify's API prominently at the top of the page. The detailed animation work, despite being time-consuming, significantly enhanced the user interface, making the effort worthwhile. Moreover, I designed the app to be adaptable as a desktop and mobile app, with offline availability, ensuring a versatile and user-friendly experience.


Need help? Let's talk!

If you've got a project in the works and could use a hand with the front-end stuff โ€“ think sleek designs, smooth interactions โ€“ I'm your guy. No biggie, just making cool things even cooler. Let me know!

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