Jochem Vogel


Resumes often fail to capture the full spectrum of a candidate's abilities and personality, leading to a lackluster first impression. changes the game by allowing you to create a free, customised profile that brings your application to life. By focusing on the essentials—linking directly to your diverse professional platforms and including a personal video introduction— lets you showcase your skills and personality in a way that a paper resume simply cannot.

Project Details

In just a few clicks, you can set up a page that includes everything from your latest React projects to your most impactful design portfolios, all accessible through a single, streamlined link. This approach not only optimises your resume for the specific job you're targeting but also gives recruiters a more interactive and complete view of what you bring to the table. Currently still in development, but you can already claim your username. When I’m ready I’ll notify you for the beta!


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If you've got a project in the works and could use a hand with the front-end stuff – think sleek designs, smooth interactions – I'm your guy. No biggie, just making cool things even cooler. Let me know!

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