Jochem Vogel

Never lose a connection again


ConnectFlow replaces the functionality and process of boring paper business cards into both a (branded) physical card and a platform for storing connection information. Users have the option to request a physical card with NFC functionality at no cost, or use the virtual card via their Google or Apple Wallet. You wanna good demo? Request a free card, create an account and experience it yourself. :)

Project Details

The software consists of two components: the standard software and the business software. The primary challenge lay in developing the business software. Business users can effortlessly add all their employees to the platform, providing a clear overview of every established connection. Furthermore, the business users' business cards can be customized with their own color scheme and logo, with the entire configuration seamlessly managed within the platform. Business users can also whitelabel the product and use it on their own subdomain.

My Role

Throughout the development process, my main responsibility was on the frontend of the application. I chose Vue.js in combination with TypeScript, incorporating the PrimeVue component library in various sections. I collaborated closely with Midas to enhance the product and worked alongside a backend developer to implement all the necessary endpoints. Along the way I embraced the role as Frontend Lead where I'm the bridge between product and engineering.

Jochem and I have been working together and that's going well. He comes up with solutions for complex tickets and writes good code quickly. He also thinks about the product in order to be able to make a proactive additional contribution. Besides that he takes responsibility, honors his agreements and communicates well.

Midas Hofstra

Founder ConnectFlow


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If you've got a project in the works and could use a hand with the front-end stuff โ€“ think sleek designs, smooth interactions โ€“ I'm your guy. No biggie, just making cool things even cooler. Let me know!

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