Headshot of Jochem Vogel from the shoulders up smiling in a hoodie and an open jacket.

Jochem Vogel โ€” front-end developer


Resumes are boring and impersonal. By creating a free profile.cv profile you make your application stand out with adding personal information and i.e. a video about yourself.

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ICT Methods

The ICT Research Methods Pack is a set with research methods for design-oriented research within computer science. The existing resource didn't look very nice, so I decided to improve it.

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Get an overview of all the domains you own and get notified when they expire (or auto renew). Started this by a frustration of getting invoices of domains I forgot. Development is currently on hold.

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We help our clients with a variety of digital solutions, such as making websites and web applications. Our clients mainly consist of SMBโ€™s.

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YourSurprise is a webshop for personalised gifts, active in almost 30 countries. Started as an intern and eventually worked there for two more years as (Front-end) Software Engineer.

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Spotify clone

I created a Spotify clone with personal content to learn SvelteKit. It is an exact (feature) copy of the Spotify web player in early 2022.

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Jungle Gym

JungleGym is an app (PWA) for group teachers who have little or no expertise in physical education/gym classes and have little material at their disposal. Created this app with three others students during the final course of my minor.

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ColorGuessr is a game for the real designerds. A color space (hsl, rgb and/or hex) will be given and it's up to you to choose the circle with the right color. The higher the level, the more points you get.

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See all my (non software) work and experience on linkedin.com/in/jochemvogel