Jochem Vogel



Domainder is a project I've started to tackle the issue of unexpected domain name renewals. Registering five domain names for every idea you have is fun, but renewals are a little bit more expensive than the costs of the first year. Frustrated by the hassle of tracking domain expirations through tools like Todoist, Apple Reminders, and spreadsheets, none of which offered a nice interface, I decided to create my own solution. Domainder aims to simplify the management of domain registrations and renewals. Currently I'm trying to make time for finishing it, and I hope I'll be able to make it publicly available later this year. The name is a working title, a portmanteau between domain and reminder.


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If you've got a project in the works and could use a hand with the front-end stuff โ€“ think sleek designs, smooth interactions โ€“ I'm your guy. No biggie, just making cool things even cooler. Let me know!

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