Jochem Vogel |  


I am currently doing an internship at YourSurprise where I am mainly busy developing an internal dashboard using Vue. This dashboard gives an overview of the company by displaying customer reviews and the amount of orders (near real-time), among other things.

Computerhulp Schouwen

We help people in the region with their computer-related problems. Started this in 2017. At that time I began under an other name, but continued since December 2019 under the name Computerhulp Schouwen.

ColorGuessr is a game for the real designerds (made in JavaScript). A color space (hsl, rgb and/or hex) will be given and it’s up to you to choose the circle with the right color. The higher the level, the more points you get. But be careful, you’ve three lifes.

Vobird (Dutch)

Vobird is a web design agency from Zeeland, the Netherlands. We realize both beautiful and effective websites. In addition to a lot of extra visitors, we also assure you of an increase in the quantity and quality of your customers. We do this by means of SEO, CRO & Copywriting.


Typical is a basic typing game made in JavaScript. The goal is to get as many points as possible within ten seconds. After every correct word, you get one point and extra seconds based on your difficulty. You can choose between three different difficulties (easy, medium and hard).